its a bit dissonant
what is it?
male or female
person or stone
sky or earth
rain or dust

  platypus dreaming

webbed feet, ducks beak
a beavers tail
fur slicked with water
and a fondness for worms
what am i?
umm...lemme see.. ;o)

i am the dreaming

* these following pieces are older *

words that wind
and words that unwind

the stars unwind

aeons of rain blacken the sky
red tree flames swallowing itself

down endless buyways
I tramp on and on
even waiting for death
is not an answer.
occasionally the swallows swoop -
and I feel refreshed.

the depth of the hills is in me
sunlight on the sea flashes through this body -
vanity and narcissim do not lift their veils

the world is much
and i'm not much
is this upside down?
the world is not much
and i'm not much
right side up but you wouldn't know it

pink -
behind rusted netting
a nodding rose